Bathroom makeover

For the most part, the decor in our house was minimal when we moved in. Beige carpet, off-white walls, a couple of dated-looking wallpaper borders in the kitchen and dining room, but otherwise nothing too outrageous. Except for this:

Please excuse the blurry picture. I snapped it with my phone when we first toured the house. Note the green-and-gold marbleized linoleum floor with the slightly-not-matching green walls. I don’t know what happened here, but the bathroom was high on our list of home improvements.

We took advantage of the three-day weekend (I unexpectedly had MLK day off) to do a little extreme makeover bathroom edition. It was a TON of work, but I’m thrilled with the results. Check it out:

We kept the floor but repainted the walls a tan/pale gold matte color. We also repainted all of the trim glossy white. Our existing shower curtain no longer fit, so we purchased the white one, and we also added a couple of white cabinets for extra storage. My favorite feature is the branch hanging on the wall. Somehow it just pulls the whole thing together. I love it!


6 thoughts on “Bathroom makeover

  1. oh Sara, Andy told me all about the big makeover, but to see it is something else! It’s beautiful!! Great work you two!!

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