Eno River State Park

One of the things that most excited us about moving to North Carolina was the weather. We pictured balmy winter days, an early spring, and no more frigid temperatures!

Ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha. Ha ha. Since we moved here, there have been four times that snow has accumulated on the ground. In my new office, which is a beautiful and drafty old Victorian house, I have to keep a space heater running all day because it’s typically around 60 degrees when we get there in the morning. The other night it got down to 18 degrees outside. EIGHTEEN! That’s not supposed to happen here! Best of all, when people hear that we just moved from Chicago, they pretty much instantly blame us for bringing the cold weather. We’re the scapegoats of Durham.

Anyway, we did have one little peek at decent weather on new year’s day. It was sunny and in the 60s, so we ventured just north of Durham to Eno River State Park to check out the hiking trails.

I’ve never been to a state park in the winter before, when everything basically looks dead. And I suppose that sounds rather bleak, but it really was beautiful.

Also, I got a new camera for Christmas, so this was a good place to try it out.

This little adventure made us so excited for more warm weather. There are lots of parks around here to explore, not to mention the beach to the east and the mountains to the west. Come on winter, get outta here!

And watch out for man-eating trees while you’re at it.


3 thoughts on “Eno River State Park

  1. Looks like a wonderful day, except for the man eating tree!! You must each find a great hiking stick to protect you from such things in the future!

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