The calm before the holiday

I’ve spent the past two days getting ready for our Thanksgiving guests–my parents, brother, and sister. Our apartment is clean, much of the Thanksgiving prep work is done, and right now I’m treating myself to coffee with a splash of Bailey’s. While I can’t wait for everybody to get here (we’re actually doing our dinner on Friday, so tomorrow is the big travel day), I’m also thoroughly enjoying this calm time by myself (Andy’s still at work). Sure, hosting Thanksgiving is a ton of work. But for me, it’s a wonderful time to open our home to loved ones. And any occasion that involves three or four straight days of cooking? Yes, please!

One of my very favorite parts of hosting Thanksgiving is all of the planning that goes into it.

Those are my many lists–shopping, to dos, and moving-related tasks. This was taken the day before we went down to Durham to find a house. Speaking of which, we found a house!

Isn’t it cute? We are so pumped to move in–December 15th is the big day. I can’t wait! In the meantime, I wish you and your family the most wonderful and food-filled of Thanksgiving holidays. However you celebrate, I hope you are enjoying the time together.


3 thoughts on “The calm before the holiday

  1. Hey Sara,
    This is the exact house Bill and Laura Marchl lived in for a few years ( you remember Bill from St.Stephens?) How funny.

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