After much discussion, Andy and I came to the conclusion earlier this year that we didn’t want to stay in Chicago long-term. A great deal of thought and research and discussion went into this decision, but once we made it we started trying to figure out how we could make it happen. I am so excited that we’re going to be making our big move before the year is out, to North Carolina! I’ve accepted what I think is a great job offer, so we’ll be calling Durham home by Christmas.

I can’t believe this is all happening, and so quickly too! While it’s hard to say goodbye to all of our friends and our life here in Chicago, we are really looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. We’ll be heading down there this coming weekend to look for a place to live (please let me know if you know somebody looking to rent their house!). Next week we’re hosting Thanksgiving, and after that we have 2 weeks to pack up our apartment and spend as much time as we can seeing friends.

I actually lived in Durham before I moved to Chicago. I’d really loved it there and have always thought that it’s one of the nicest parts of this country. I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was after our weekend there in September, when Andy agreed that it would be a great next step for us to make together. Little did I know that everything would happen so quickly.

And so we’re off on our next great adventure.


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