Posted in November 2010

Thanksgiving in pictures

Andy and I had so much fun having my parents and siblings in town for Thanksgiving. Rather than write all about it, I thought I’d let the pictures do the talking (plus I just figured out how to do this cool collage thing!). All photos were taken by my brother, whose photography skills blow mine … Continue reading

The calm before the holiday

I’ve spent the past two days getting ready for our Thanksgiving guests–my parents, brother, and sister. Our apartment is clean, much of the Thanksgiving prep work is done, and right now I’m treating myself to coffee with a splash of Bailey’s. While I can’t wait for everybody to get here (we’re actually doing our dinner … Continue reading

Thanksgiving appetizers

I think that one key to pulling off a successful Thanksgiving dinner is to make sure that people are fed prior to sitting down for the big meal. Of course, there’s a bit of a science to it–you don’t want to serve too many snacks so that nobody is hungry by the time the turkey … Continue reading

Cranberry sauce

I can officially add cranberry sauce to my list of things that are deceptively easy to make from scratch, yet for unknown reasons I’ve always bought the ready-made version. For whatever reason I thought I would give it a whirl this year, although I still bought the canned stuff just in case the homemade didn’t … Continue reading

Thanksgiving prep: the turkey

The first year I cooked Thanksgiving dinner, it didn’t go so well. I thought I was timing everything perfectly, until we started to carve into the turkey and realized it wasn’t nearly done. So, back into the oven it went, and all of the sides had to be reheated when the turkey was finally cooked. … Continue reading