New kitchen toys

I have a confession to make. The ramekins are not my only new kitchen things. I guess this isn’t all that much of a confession, except that our kitchen is pretty much at capacity for the amount of stuff it can hold, so I try to be cautious about bringing in anything new and making sure I’ll have a place to store it. This stuff, though, needed to happen.

First, the knives. I’ve needed these for a long time. I had a full set of knives, but they were cheap and terrible. Actually, they were free. When I was in grad school, I got some offer to sign up for a recipe of the month service, and in return I would get a free set of knives. I promptly canceled the recipes when the knives came in the mail, and I guess I got about 5 years out of them. Not too shabby for a set of seriously cheap (er, free) knives.

But, onwards and upwards! These new knives are just wonderful. They cut right through anything. They’re both Calphalon brand. When I pull them out to cut something, I feel like a little choir is singing in the background. Now if I can only learn some knife skills, I’ll be all set. I’ve always used the cheap crappy knives as my excuse for not having good chopping technique. Must do something about that soon!

Anyway, next on my list of kitchen upgrades is a new rolling pin, which I picked up during my ramekins adventure at Williams-Sonoma. My previous rolling pin was essentially a very fat dowel rod. It worked out just fine, except that my hands would start to hurt after doing a lot of rolling. This new baby not only has handles, but ball bearings. When I brought it home, Andy suggested that I should’ve bought two of them so we could make a little car. That’s how beautifully it spins.

I know this seems like a simple thing, but I really do love it. An added bonus is that I have it just in time to break it in for pumpkin pie season. I christened it on some whole wheat pizza dough, which I used to make this:


My final new kitchen purchase was this little pile of cookbooks:

These just came today, and I can’t wait to dig into them. Expect lots of new cooking adventures coming soon!


3 thoughts on “New kitchen toys

  1. I think good knives are pretty much the best kitchen investment you can make. I always had used terrible knives because that’s all my dad had, and I had no idea that cutting and slicing and dicing could be anything other than an enormous chore. We have a couple really good ones we got as wedding gifts, and now it’s my favorite thing to buys for others when they get married.

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