Master Chef finale

I was all set to write about caramelized apple pork chops tonight, but instead I’m so fired up about MasterChef! If you are waiting to watch it (do many people actually watch this show? I have no idea), here’s your spoiler alert. Stop reading now.

Aren’t those lovely? My sweet husband brought them home for me tonight, just because. He’s the best.

Anyway, MasterChef. Oh Whitney! I felt so proud of her tonight! Actually, I felt so proud of her last week her souffle beat cocky Sharone’s (the addition of sea salt was genius I’ll admit, but you could just feel his arrogance as he ground the salt high above the ramekin. Why did he feel the need to do it like that?). I knew she would have what it took to win it all tonight, but I did get a little terrified when she dropped her chicken on the floor. As did she, as was obvious. What a rally though–a chicken breast cooked perfectly in the span of 7 minutes simply could not be beat.

And while we’re at it, what was up with David Miller’s appetizer? I guess it might appeal to a real niche foodie crowd, maybe. But one thing that was a big question in my mind was whether the judges were looking for a master amateur home cook or a master professional chef. The premise of the show would see to indicate the former. And while it was impressive to see the contestants prepare restaurant-quality dishes, my favorites were the people who cooked with heart and didn’t try to be too flashy. I think that was the downfall of many of them (Sharone, Lee, and even David in the end).

I can’t wait to buy Whitney’s cookbook when it comes out. For now, I think I’ll be contenting myself with trying a few of the recipes posted online. Or at least add them to my constantly-growing “stuff I want to make” pile. Hey, at least I’m at no loss for new ideas!

So, seriously, did anyone else out there enjoy this season of MasterChef as much as I did? Let me know your thoughts in the comments–I really hope Gordon Ramsay gets another round!


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