Weekend in North Carolina

Andy and I are just back from a four-day weekend in North Carolina, where we attended my step-sister’s wedding in Charlotte and visited my old home in Durham and Chapel Hill. It was great to get away and so much fun seeing family and old friends.

My dad treated Andy and my brother to cigars–aren’t they a handsome bunch? The wedding was at the Morehead Inn in Charlotte, and we were actually the only ones there. It was the perfect size for a wedding, with a beautiful outdoor space for the ceremony and various rooms indoors for the reception festivities.

Even though this picture is blurry, it’s my favorite of us dancing. Another favorite is this one of my brother, who always seems to attract small children that like to climb all over him. He’s a great sport about it.

The next day, we drove up to Chapel Hill and checked in to the fabulous Carolina Inn.

Yes, I did embarrass Andy by making him stand for a picture with the inn’s sign. I’d always wanted to stay at the Carolina Inn back when I lived in North Carolina, so I was very excited for this part of the trip. The inn itself is beautiful–so classically southern and situated right on the campus of the University of North Carolina. The first night, we stayed in, ordered room service, and enjoyed watching cable tv in bed. Yes, this sounds silly, but we don’t have cable at home, nor do we have a tv in our bedroom (nor, for that matter, do we have room service). We generally like it that way, but it’s fun to splurge every so often!

Monday was our day to tour around Durham. We had breakfast with friends who I haven’t seen since I moved to Chicago four years ago (and who also had never met my husband!). It was so much fun to catch up and see how much their kids have grown up. After breakfast, I gave Andy a very brief tour of the Duke campus, which is where I went to graduate school. He was enamored with the Duke Chapel, and we also had a little time to see the Duke Gardens before meeting up with friends again for a Durham Bulls game.

The bull shoots steam out of his nose when somebody gets a home run. It was a perfect day to be outside and take in a little baseball. Ok, well, I wasn’t exactly riveted to the game because I was busy chatting with everybody, but it was still so much fun! And I can tell you that the Bulls won in overtime. Do they call it overtime in baseball? I have no idea.

It was really surprising to see how much Durham has changed since I was last there. The city is making a lot of effort to revitalize the downtown area, and so far it’s paying off! After the game, Andy and I relaxed with drinks at the American Tobacco Village , which is on the site of the old Lucky Strike factory.

It’s another really nice place to hang out in Durham. We took our time getting back to Chapel Hill, stopping to see a few other sights from my past life. This morning we flew home, and I was sad to have to leave! The weather was just perfect while we were there and it would’ve been nice to take in even more of the area. I hope we can make it back to North Carolina before another four years go by.


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