Posted in September 2010

New kitchen toys

I have a confession to make. The ramekins are not my only new kitchen things. I guess this isn’t all that much of a confession, except that our kitchen is pretty much at capacity for the amount of stuff it can hold, so I try to be cautious about bringing in anything new and making … Continue reading

Chocolate souffle

This all started a couple of weeks ago. Whitney made the most perfect chocolate souffle on MasterChef. My husband decided that he, too, needed a chocolate souffle in his life. The first time he mentioned it, I told him he was crazy. But he brought it up again and I thought, well, this is a … Continue reading

Braised pork shoulder

Today was a perfect Saturday. We spent the morning going to the farmers’ market, and I spent the afternoon cooking. I also found out that my favorite meat vendor, Sugar Creek Ranch, will be coming into the city once a month after the markets end for the season, which means I don’t have to frantically … Continue reading

Carrot spice muffins

Fall’s in full swing, as we all know, and a few of the blogs I read are living it up by baking every possible pumpkin thing they can come up with. Mouthwatering examples can be found here and here–please promise me you’ll come back if you click those links! There may not be any pumpkin … Continue reading

Corn chowder

Maybe this is just me, but I feel like fall is staging a stubborn resistance this year. Tomorrow is forecast to be 90 degrees in Chicago, and I hear there’s a similar state of affairs on the East Coast. Does this stop me from making, enjoying, and writing about soup? No way. A recipe for … Continue reading