Posted in August 2010

Roasted stuffed eggplant

It all started at the farmers’ market yesterday. We were marveling over a bin of beautiful eggplants that were 3 for $2, wondering how we could manage to use three whole eggplants. I was suggesting two different eggplant parmesan dishes to Andy when a woman rooting through the bin next to us spoke up. She … Continue reading

Tomato sauce

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love tomatoes? I seem to crave them constantly and just can’t get enough of them. So it should come as no surprise that I’ve been trying to take full advantage of the abundance of tomatoes at farmers’ markets these days. I used them in a big pot of … Continue reading

Sweet corn

Andy’s mom grows a small crop of sweet corn in her garden every summer, and she freezes a portion to enjoy throughout the winter. Last year, she brought us some at Thanksgiving, and oh how we savored it. The frozen corn you get in the grocery store in no way compares to sweet corn frozen … Continue reading

Chocolate zucchini muffins

A couple of months ago, Andy and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a long weekend in Door County, Wisconsin, where we stayed at a wonderfully perfect little bed and breakfast called the White Lace Inn. We had a blast, and the Inn was a huge part of that trip’s success. We spent long, … Continue reading


When I started this blog, I had no idea whether I would stick with it. That’s also why I didn’t tell many people about it until recently. Now that it seems like lemons is here to stay, I decided to put a little more effort into the way it looks. Today, I learned a thing … Continue reading