Canoeing down the Susquehanna

We spent the last day of our Eagles Mere vacation on an 8-mile canoe/kayak trip down the Susquehanna River. My stepmom set us up with Brad from Bubb’s Outdoor Rental. At least one of the best things about Brad was the fact that he transported us to the river in a limo.

I seriously did not expect such accommodations on this trip! Our ride in Brad’s limo was just the beginning of our adventure though. We saw beautiful mountains and scenery.

We saw a little baby raccoon who seemed to be lost and let us take a bunch of pictures of him forging for food.

Isn’t he sad-looking? There was something wrong with that raccoon, methinks. But then we saw my parents flip their canoe and end up in the river! Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures of this. My stepmom got back in fairly quickly and was then promptly whisked away downstream, leaving my dad standing on a rock in the middle of one of the only real sets of rapids we encountered. The rest of us tried to paddle upstream and rescue him, but it was so hard! We’d get close to him, then suddenly we’d look up and realize the river had flung us 30 feet away. I only wish somebody had caught this whole debacle on camera. I think it went on for a good 10 minutes.

Finally though, my sister got close enough in her kayak for dad to get in. At least we got a shot of her victorious!

By that point, her arms were pretty much dead, so my brother and I let her come into our canoe. Meanwhile, our stepmom was down-river, using my dad’s flip flops (which somehow stayed in the canoe) to paddle around and try to collect her oars and other belongings. Andy caught a shot of her standing up in the canoe, trying to grab something. It’s a wonder she didn’t flip twice!

After all that, my dad tried to tell us it was good prep for a kayak trip down the Grand Canyon next year. As far as I’m concerned though, this is about as outdoorsy as I get. I draw the line at sleeping anywhere that lacks running water!

Back to our friend Brad the canoe guy, though, if you find yourself in the area, give him a call. He was an excellent guide (he helped us get into the river and gave us a map with detailed dos and don’ts, and then met up with us at the end). And you’ll get to ride in a limo.


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