Herb garden update

My herbs have been growing like weeds this summer. We had a few very wet weeks, followed by lots of sunshine, and I find myself wondering what to do with so much oregano and basil! Really, I’ve never seen basil leaves this large before:

The up-side is that they’re very fragrant, and yummy too!

I fully expected the oregano to spread out (because that’s what it did last year), but this plant is officially larger than last year’s and the summer is only halfway over:

The chives are doing well, too (despite oregano’s best efforts to crowd them out of the pot). I used them in the tomato and cucumber salad I fixed with ribs this weekend, and they added yummy flavor.

So…anybody in need of fresh herbs?


One thought on “Herb garden update

  1. Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog! I’m jealous of your basil. My lemon basil and sweet basil did really well for about a month, but it seems like once they flower, they stop growing. I wish they would keep growing all summer long.

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