Posted in July 2010

More traveling

I’m off to New Orleans today for the next 5 days, attending a conference for work. It worked out nicely, because I have family in Baton Rouge who are meeting up with me tonight for dinner in NO. Hopefully I’ll have a little time to explore the city while I’m there–I haven’t been since I … Continue reading

Canoeing down the Susquehanna

We spent the last day of our Eagles Mere vacation on an 8-mile canoe/kayak trip down the Susquehanna River. My stepmom set us up with Brad from Bubb’s Outdoor Rental. At least one of the best things about Brad was the fact that he transported us to the river in a limo. I seriously did … Continue reading

Ricketts Glen State Park

During one of our days in Eagles Mere last week, we took a little road trip to Ricketts Glen State Park. The park has about 26 miles of hiking trails, and we did the pretty rigorous Falls Trail. There were 10 of us total, including my stepsister Kristen with her 3 and 4 year old … Continue reading


We just got back from a fantastic week in Eagles Mere, which is a teeny little resort town in the mountains in north-central Pennsylvania. It was the type of vacation that you do not want to end, and we spent a good portion of our last day there making plans for next year. I already … Continue reading

Away we go

Andy and I are on vacation as of tomorrow, which means this week has been all about eating up odds and ends in our refrigerator. I’m sad to say we weren’t terribly successful–I think there’s a fair amount of stuff in there I’m going to have to toss when we get back: Greek yogurt, shredded … Continue reading