Birthday cake

I’m about to attempt a baking challenge: making my husband’s chocolate birthday cake from scratch. Now, I’m not much of a baker. I make a huge load of cookies every Christmas, and a few other things here and there, but in general I stick to cooking. I’m also sort of a go-big-or-go-home baker (perhaps why I don’t do it all that often), meaning that I prefer to make things from scratch.

My husband’s birthday is tomorrow, and he made a special request for cake. Seeing as how his preferred birthday dinner is a D’agostino’s pizza and beer, I figured I had to oblige. Being a true chocoholic, he asked for a chocolate cake, which led me to this recipe for a double chocolate layer cake. And raspberry filling.

To digress for just a moment, let me say that I abhor fruit filling in cake. I just don’t think it belongs! I barely tolerate icing, but at least its texture seems to go along ok with the spongy, moist goodness of cake (and I do love me some cake). When we got married, I was adamant that our wedding cake would have no fruit filling. Strangely enough, that seems to be a big add-on in wedding cake bakeries–hey, order this cake and we’ll upgrade you to fruit filling at no additional cost! Ew. What a way to ruin a perfectly good wedding cake. Anyway, my darling fiance (at the time) had no qualms about letting me have my way on that one, but he gently put his foot down for his birthday cake.

So, I’ll also be making chocolate frosting AND fresh raspberry filling to go with this decadent treat. All ingredients have been purchased. The red wine has been opened. Soothing music is playing in my kitchen. This actually is not my first time making chocolate cake from scratch, although it is my first time trying this particular recipe. I have about the sweetest, most forgiving husband on the planet. There is little reason to be intimidated.

And yet, for some reason, I’m nervous. Better grab the camera so I can properly document this saga of either genius or disaster. Wish me luck!


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