Posted in May 2010

Cheese-stuffed chicken breasts

I’ve always been a little intimidated by cooking raw chicken (or other poultry) in the oven. When it’s on the stove you can watch it closely, poke holes to see if it’s still pink inside, and make sure you don’t dry it out by over-cooking. In the oven, though, it’s just sort of a crap … Continue reading

Herb garden

At the farmers’ market this past weekend, I picked out a few herbs to grow on our back porch. As city porches go, ours is pretty decently sized and gets a nice amount of afternoon sun. Last year I had a bunch of flower pots out there, and almost all of them thrived. I also … Continue reading

Peanut chicken stew

Ok Chicago, you got me. When the weather was warm and sunny and wonderful in March and early April, I totally fell for it. I thought, SPRING! But no. We’re back to chilly, gray, unfortunate blah weather it seems. In which case, I think I’ll stick with comfort foods for a while. Because as much … Continue reading

Farmers’ market time

Yesterday marked a day I’ve been anxiously awaiting since the first peeks of spring weather–the beginning of weekly farmers’ markets in Chicago! While it’s still too early for most fruits and vegetables, the market did not disappoint. Let me tell you why. The meat. I have been saying to Andy all weekend that I don’t … Continue reading

The cake-baking experience

On the whole, my double-chocolate layer cake turned out ok. It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t a complete disaster either, so I think that counts for something. If you should ever attempt the recipe (linked above), here are a few things I learned. First of all, this cake tasted far better than any other from-scratch … Continue reading